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Here I am displaying collection of unique pictures. These are not ordinary moving pictures, these are state of the art Cinema-graphs created by one if the top fashion photographers and visual designers of the world. These eye catching photos are more than just a photo and says it all. These are all Gif images but the quality of these images are stunning and there sizes are too low for that kind of quality. .

This technology is stunning collaborative work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Jamie (Photography), and Kevin (Web Design/Motion) worked together creating beautiful and intricate animated gifs they called Cinemagraphs. Utilizing an old technique to create something new and beautiful with such attention to detail and love is truly impressive and inspiring! Check out more lovely photos after the jump!

Here’s a collection of Cinemagraphs from Jamie’s blog From Me To You. It was so hard to pick any favorites that I grabbed most! Check out Jamie’s blog for more…